Rental Terms

Some advanced production equipment requires a Safety Tutorial on safe and proper usage. These tutorials are different from the workshops, in that the workshops show you how to use the gear to achieve the results you want, while the Safety Tutorial simply tells you how to use the gear without hurting it or yourself.


Production equipment is normally reserved in advance through our on-line booking system. Members may borrow equipment on a “drop in” basis during office hours if equipment is available.

To reserve equipment in advance you must submit a request online using our Booking Sheet.

Members are only allowed two advanced bookings per equipment area per month. (e.g. each member can book two video cameras each month). Exceptions can be made in exchange for a reduced quota on the following month. (e.g. a member can book a video camera three times in October but then only once in November.) Advanced Reservations are possible no more than two months in advance. Reservations sheets are posted on the 1st day each month for the second forthcoming month.

Late Policy: Members who return equipment late will be charged a late fee of $10 per item per day it is late and may have their borrowing and equipment use privileges suspended at the discretion of the technical coordinator. Use of equipment includes the editing stations. If a late return causes another member who had booked the equipment to rent equipment elsewhere, the late member will be responsible for reimbursing the affected members’ rental fees for the same item(s). This reimbursement can include the cost of a car or taxi or car rental to pick up the equipment, including parking and gas, to a reasonable amount. Reimbursement will be made through the Film Board after proper receipts have been turned in to the Technical Coordinator, and then in turn, forwarded to the affected member.

Members are responsible for ensuring equipment is returned on time. This means you must time your equipment return and pickup around issues of traffic, TTCdelays, weather etc. Emails and phone messages to the curators are answered during office hours.

Loss/Damage Policy: Members who lose or damage equipment are liable for up to $2,500 in repair/replacement costs, subject to any changes in the University of Toronto insurance policy. They may also have their borrowing privileges suspended at the discretion of the technical coordinator. Members must maintain proper supervision and handling of the equipment in their care, ensuring it’s secured properly when not in use. DO NOT LEAVE THE EQUIPMENT UNATTENDED IN AN UNSECURE ROOM, VEHICLE, OR AREA.It is a very, very bad idea and you are expected to know better.

Equipment loans and returns are done exclusively through the curators during the weekly office hours.Film Board equipment is NOT to be returned to the Hub and is NOT to be passed directly to other members. Gear also cannot be left in the edit suite.

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