Safety Tutorial

A Safety Tutorial allows you to level up to an Advanced Member and borrow the better gear that’s marked with a dagger. It teaches you how to safely handle our equipment to protect you, the people around you and the gear.

It is now a 3-stage process:

  1. Watch all of the Safety Tutorial videos (1 hour & 10 mins). They are arranged in a playlist and are embedded below or through this link.
  2. Fill out the quiz (5-10 mins). Come by any office hours to fill out a short, easy quiz on what you learned in the tutorial videos.  You must get at least a 70% to pass, which is pretty easy to do as long as you were paying attention to the videos. If you are returning after a long absence, you may also be asked to fill this out.
  3. Set up the gear (30-45 mins). You must successfully set up a tripod, camera, mic and light while a Curator supervises. Curators will only intervene if you are about to make a serious mistake, otherwise they are not to help you. You can watch the videos to help you, however. If it is a particularly busy office hours, you may have wait for a Curator, so leave plenty of time and come early.

Please note that you need to complete the entire Safety Tutorial to borrow any advanced gear. E.g. you can’t watch only the lights videos, even if you expect to only ever borrow the lights.

Please complete the Safety Tutorial before the day you expect to pick up gear. You may be denied the gear if you do not successfully complete the safety tutorial, so leave enough days to take it again.

While you can drop into any office hours, you can also request a time to come in and go through the safety tutorial by emailing Equipment Queries on our contact page. The staff will ensure there is gear available for the safety tutorial on that day.


This playlist is composed of short clips of no more than 10 minutes each so you can easily come back pick up where you left off. You can also go to this link to see a list of all the videos. YouTube even gives you a nice little “Watched” icon next to the videos you’ve already seen if you’re logged in.

Safety Tutorial! Like Safety Dance but less Aussie!