The Film Board can support a few projects each year with Small Production Grants. We will accept applications throughout the year and will review them at the end of each month until the funds have been used. See details below.

Film Board members are eligible for up to $250 in financial support for their productions. NOTE: the less you ask for the more likely you are to receive it. Only strong applications which justify the need for funds will be eligible for the $250 maximum. IOW, only request what you truly need.

To apply for a grant prepare the following and send it to before the deadline. Early applications encouraged.

– Description of the project (e.g. genre, approach, reason you want to work on this particular project).

– Level of experience (past productions, training etc). If you have no experience don’t be discouraged. We like to support new filmmakers.

– Outline of how the money will be spent (e.g. equipment rental, paid professional help, transportation). NOTE: grant money cannot be used for capital purchases (e.g. equipment or software purchases).

We will try and notify you of a decision regarding your application as soon as possible.

NOTE: If you receive a grant you will spend the money and then will be reimbursed by cheque after the presentation of valid receipts. If you are using the money to make a single purchase from one supplier and cannot afford to spend the money up front, talk to Rick Palidwor about the possibilities of up-front help from the Film Board.