Workshops & Classes

Hart House offers a full complement of entry-level filmmaking classes to help all budding filmmakers kick-start their career at a fraction of the cost of film school. Filmmaking Classes at Hart House fall into three distinct areas:

-multi-week classes focused on storytelling (writing, directing, editing);
-short classes in core equipment areas (cameras, lights, audio, editing);
-100% hands-on shooting and cutting exercises for absolute beginners.

Prices and schedules for classes are available on the Hart House Website (film board members get discounts on several filmmaking classes)

All our classes are for beginners or intermediates who need brushing up and are guaranteed to inform and energize your creative powers.

“By concentrating on the fundamentals of filmmaking we provide students with the shortest route to getting started on their own productions. For the more creative students we provide all the training they may need to launch a career as a filmmaker.”

In addition to filmmaking, Hart House also offers classes in Photography, Theatre Arts and Creative Living & Careers.

Classes open to everyone: students, members and non-members.
You may register in person at the HUB (inside Hart House) or online, or by phone 416-978-2452

For questions about the classes: