Membership FAQ



The Hart House Film Board exists to provide assistance to film and video artists who are students at the University of Toronto or senior members of Hart House.

The Film Board fulfills this mission through the following means: Equipment Loans, Workshops, Screenings and Special Projects.



Film Board membership is open to all members of Hart House for $25/year, at the Hart House Hub. All full-fee-paying U of T students are members of Hart House.

Non-students must first apply for a Clubs and Committees membership at $170/year. For information on obtaining a Clubs and Committees membership please contact Membership Services. A Clubs and Committees membership at Hart House has additional membership benefits. See the Hart House Website for Club and committee details.





The Film Board maintances office hours on a thrice-a-week basis year-round to service its membership. Current hours are posted on the right-hand column on each page of the Film Board website).

The Technical Coordinator (TC) is responsible for maintaining the Film Board’s equipment and facilities, administering loans and enforcing Film Board policies. The TC is assisted by the Curators.

To contact the TC or Curators visit them during their regular office hours or leave a

message on the office phone: 416-946-8180.

For information on the equipment loans go here.



Filmmaking Classes start in September, January and May each year. Many prices reduced for Film Board members. Details at the Hart House Classes



The Film Board sponsors at least two screenings of member work a year.

The next two screenings are September 28, 2016 and March 27, 2017. For more go to the Events Page





The Farm Project is an annual excursion to make a movie at Hart House Farm. For information on the latest,  go here.


An annual collective project. For more information go here.


The Film Board has a small number of grants available. Information here.